FC Espoon Total Football leiri elokuussa


Total Football järjestää jälleen kesän suositun jalkapalloleirin Leppävaaran Urheilupuistossa, 1-5.8.2011

 We are very pleased to announce that the Total Football Soccer Camps 
will be held at Leppävaara Football Arena on the 1st-5th August 2011.

The Camps are for boys and girls of all abilities.

Camp 1 : for outfield players and will be overseen by Ex-professional 
player and UEFA Qualified Coach, Mike Warner.
Camp 2 : for Goalkeepers and will be overseen by UEFA Qualified 
Goalkeeper Coach, Sabatino Ventre.

Both camps are held at the same time and location.

Total Football Soccer Camps are focused on developing individual 
player’s skills and learning some basic English vocabulary.

Coaching is in English and Finnish and there is also some fun exercises 
in English at the start of each day. Children do not need to know any 
English before attending the Camp.

There will be a slightly different format this year with some fun 
competitions in the morning, followed by individual coaching and team 
games in the afternoon. Awards will be given to players who show 
commitment, the right attitude and outstanding skills. Every player will 
receive a diploma and Total Football gift.

There is more information available attached to this mail or you can 
visit www.totalfootball.org.uk

If you would like to register for the Camp, simply complete the booking 
form below and reply to this mail. Please send your applications before 
the 12th July and book early to avoid disappointment.

Best Regards,

Mike Warner
Head Coach
Total Football
+358 40 521 9420
+358 45 128 0020

Football Camp Booking Form

Child’s Name:

Camp  Selected:           Camp 1 or Camp 2  (Please delete as 

Cost Per Participant is 125 EUR and will be invoiced during July 2011.
1. Children should bring a packed lunch and water bottle every day.
2. Children should bring their own ball or order a new ball below.
3. Children should bring suitable clothing and footwear.
4. Videos and photographs will be taken during the Camp to assist in 
Coaching and promotional purposes.
5. Total Football reserves the right to remove disruptive children from 
the course.
6. Total Football does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage 
to person or property in connection with these courses.

Parent’s Name:

New Ball Required: (Additional Cost 15 EUR)               Yes/ No  
(Please delete as appropriate)

Size of Ball Required   Size 3               Size 4               Size 
5  (Please delete as appropriate)

Attended Total Football Soccer Camp Before :   Yes / No  (Please delete 
as appropriate)

If Yes then there is no need to complete the following questions, 
unless any of your contact details have changed from those given 
previously. It is important that we have your current details on file in 
case of any need to contact you.

If No then please answer the following questions;
Child’s Date of Birth:
Telephone (1st Contact):
Telephone (2nd Contact):
Please list any Medical Conditions and medications required, previous 
injuries or disabilities;

Please return your application form to