How to join?

In Leppävaaran Pallo, everyone from kid to grandpa can play football!

Family football offers possibility for family's youngest kids to play football and do other activities together with their parent(s). For more information, see Finnish page.

Football school is aimed for 5-year-old boys and girls who want start football as a hobby. Also older kids can join or start directly in teams for their own age. 

Teams are open for new players at any time. You can come for free for two weeks to see how you like the team and then decide if you want join. Contact the team leader for team of your age. Contact information can be found from here

There is also activities for adult beginners. If you have any questions about any activity or team, you can also contact club employees.

How much does it cost?

Costs of playing in the teams mostly consists of coaching, pitch rentals, match activities and club administration. To cover the costs all players have to pay annual membership fee and the teams have their monthly fee. The teams can also do fund-raising.

With the club membership fee, teams get all the club services, support from executive officer and heads of coaching, training of team officials and parent coaches, and it covers all the costs of league matches. General club costs are also funded from other sources such as football camps and partners. In 2023, LePa's membership fee is 160 euros (80 for those who start in June or later).

Team fees covers most of the team's activities. The most significant costs are coaching, which is done by professional full-time coaches, and the training in quality conditions. In addition, the team fee pays match activities and other running costs. Monthly team fee varies from 40 euros to 100+ euros.

Players also need a player license and insurance.

You can apply help for the costs from LePa's support fund by sending a free-form application to Executive officer.

Joining to a team

Primarily you should contact the team directly, but you can also fill out the form below.